Walk With Me

Posted: October 31, 2012 in TV Series

Season 3 Episode 3 Preview

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Gaming isn’t just the only thing that completes my day, I’m also hooked up with the tube. I only watch a few though, the ones that I fancy most and fits my taste. Aside from Merlin, I’ve also been looking forward for “The Walking Dead” to be back on screen. My excitement towards both shows are the same although they fall on different categories.

Just as what I’ve been hoping, The Walking Dead didn’t fail me. I’ve been wanting to read it’s comic book but I so hate spoilers. Now that it’s back on screen, the excitement and thrill is coming back again.

Just as how I got so excited with my newly created character on Diablo 3. Thought of getting out of the box instead of the usual ones I make. I’ve always been into magical classes, this time I’ve tried creating an Amazon. Played an Amazon back then with Diablo’s expansion.

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Yay! At long last, Season 5 is here. So happy to see Merlin and Arthur tandem back again on screen. They started it with a two part episode, Arthur’s Bane. Just saw the first part last Saturday, it was more of Merlin’s shocking vision of a possible future. The writers never fail to impress me with how the story goes. I suppose my speculation could be true, this may focus on Mordred’s return and his alliance with Morgana. But as the battle between good and evil continues, it will become more of Merlin’s bane.

I shall never forgive this, Emrys, and I shall never forget.

That was the last line that came from Mordred, this Season will surely be more exciting with him back on the scene.

Other than that, in line with fantasy and adventure – as a gamer you can easily relate with regards to the magical creatures that appeared and will appear on Merlin. So if you happen to be a WoW player you’ll know what powers such certain characters possess like warlock, druid, goblin and more. Get yourself hooked with the series and the game now! Be ahead of other gamers by purchasing WoW accounts for sale at a trusted site like Toonstorm.

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I’ve read such line from a blog comment, so might as well bring it up. Has Bioware failed to satisfy their fans? Star Wars latest patch has just been released last week, and it seems a lot have been ranting. Developers can’t just keep on giving updates without hearing their followers suggestions. It is now time for Bioware to hear people out, if they don’t want their players to leave them.

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World of Warcraft’s fourth expansion has gone live a few days ago. No doubt the game has been and currently is still the world’s most popular subscribed MMORPG. A lot have noticed though, that with the shifting gaming trends WoW’s followers is slowly shrinking.

For someone who had put a break into playing this game and would want to play again to check the expansion, is Mists of Pandaria worth buying? The land of Pandaria seems beautiful. Others may find the game boring nowadays, but at least let us all give credits to their devs who worked hard in creating Pandaria. I might still give them a try, besides there’s still a lot to look forward to.

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Savor and enjoy the game!

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Merlin TV Series

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

The moment I was done with Game of Thrones last season which is Season 2, I then started to search for a good series that is still in line with the medieval era. I came to stumble upon Merlin. I may sound quite left behind because it came out way back in 2009, still I can easily catch up by doing a marathon on it.

Any movie that has to do with Arthur’s story is my favorite, no matter how boring other people may find it. So Merlin happens to be a favorite recently. A medieval fantasy that focuses mostly on Merlin’s magical adventure. Currently on season 3 right now, and the story is getting more exciting every episode.

Mists of Pandaria’s level cap has now been lifted up to level 90. One can now enjoy exploring Dread Wastes and Vale of Eternal Blossoms. With this, Blizzard has also added music for Pet Battles. World of Warcraft would be a lot more exciting this time.

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